हरि व्यापक सर्वत्र समाना |
प्रेम तें प्रकट होंहिं मैं जाना ||

-राम चरित मानस

( Divinity is omnipresent in balanced state or evenness and it emanates in manifestation of love )

A Quest For

⇢ Albert Einstein said “Subtle is God, Gross is Not”.

⇢ Mahatma Gandhi experimented with truth and said that “God is truth but before that Truth is God”.

⇢ Jesus Christ radiated through his life that “God is Love but before that Love is God”.

⇢ Mohammed declared that ‘Without Loving Other, Faith is Not Deepened.’

Meditation and transmission brings about godliness

Now, what god really is? Beyond grossness, beyond manifestation of truth and beyond love, as experienced by the above great ones. That God only should know. Who are we to sit in judgement, unless we have become and moved beyond truly subtlest love? The more evolved you keep becoming, the more you would keep away from sitting in judgement and vice versa. That is wisdom. Meditation and transmission brings about wisdom.

However, it is matter of speculation for most of us, whether god really knows what or who god is?

Because despite being what we are, do most of us really know or realize who or what we really are? Meditation and transmission makes realization possible.

It is because they lived in recent past when compared to many precursors who walked on earth manifesting all these qualities and more, that we have named Einstein, Gandhi, Christ and Mohammed and, not entirely because of what they conveyed about God. Moreover, there may be umpteen others feeling similar reality during the times they lived on earth, else they wouldn’t have received near universal acceptance or echo across seas.

And, many more divinised human beings must be living in our midst at present when you and I are on planet earth. May be some of them are evolved beyond limitations of names and frames too, who knows? So the names which we named have no other purpose other than making context and communication easier and focused.

If it were about manifestation of Truth, Love and Subtlety, then one would have named here many such human beings who lived on earth during unimaginably long back, and are locatable only in Smriti Yog (intuitively available universal memory beyond time and space).Sahaj Smriti Yog is the path we follow. Intuition may be developed by union of meditation and transmission.The intuition to which a spiritual person refers as अन्तरात्मा is not the same entity to which psychologists refer as intuition in their field of psychology. Later is limited to field of mind while former is attained after crossing field of mind.

Love Weaves Purity and Purity Shapes Destiny

Our union with spiritual progress that lay beyond ‘futility’ and ‘utility’ of names is aim of divine transmission here. Any names or concepts shouldn’t become hurdle (weakness) between you and your fellow human being and your ultimate potential, therefore we should not give much importance to any names.

Meditation and transmission helps in erasing all such impressions and attracting only essence and purity.

During meditative sittings, if you remained within sphere of mind/intelligence instead of crossing contours of time and space and couldn’t locate yourselves, then you may be tempted to term it as figment of creative imagination or myth instead of history. Because, what human intelligence cannot verify through itself, trusting that through intuition seems an act of fearfulness or uncertain and not realizing that it is the limit of human and not the limit of ‘complete human being’s potential. Intelligence is ONLY one of the constituents of human consciousness.

True potential of human attainment and intuitive grasp may be explored through meditation and transmission.

Currently thinkers and scientists are mindfully hinting at dangers for humanity due to this lop-sided approach. Business and commercial priorities oriented decision makers in the world market relying too much not only on human intelligence but also on artificial intelligence (robotics). Due to such a lop-sided approach to life, humanity finds no contentment. That is why in search of peace, love and well-being world is moving towards spirituality. Humanity is evolving from the clutches of dogmas in religions or comparatively lower plains of spiritual consciousness. Through fulsome approach towards life alone, fulfillment is attained.

Meditation and transmission pave the way to March Ahead.

Moreover our effort here is to communicate essence of universal eternal humanity (Truth, subtlety, intuition and love) that has potential to override all such limitations which plays divisive role between different cultures, ethnicities, human beings.

Meditation and transmission has potential to realize the truth of our Universal Connection.

Let us sit in unison, Restore Purity, and Explore Reality!