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Crisis points in personal and professional relationships are becoming norms than aberrations resulting in extreme steps such as ugly verbal exchanges at work places. Family violence results in divorces, suicides or causing difficult conditions such as depression, neurotic breakdowns, strokes etc. to self or to the most sensitive members of the family. Unfortunately silent victims of such abnormal episodes are children and secondly women who keep suffering unsung and can hardly remove such emotional scars from their psyche during their entire lifetime.

However, our research shows that such unnecessary, unhealthy and ugly instances can be successfully prevented and cured if timely counselling is availed and adhered to. In western cultures this is known as counselling. Here, in our country on a bit advanced and hence transformative level the same may be recognized and identified as sat-sang (personal spiritual counselling).

In the times that we are living, communication technology and means of transportation coupled with the need to globe trot for professional and personal reasons, is converting the world into a single whole. Thus eastern and western personality traits and social norms are mingling to such an extent that to comprehend common reality and practice it on personal as well as at inter-personal behavioural level is becoming source of stress. One can imagine the deepness of trouble when the relations which should be source of fulfilment, strength and confidence turns into source of stress.

Vices like alcoholism etc. begin to take control of individuality and society and the spiral of downfall tighten the noose around the neck of the unfortunate victims.

We provide spiritual counselling with personal care and in protective environment of mutual trust fully respecting human dignity of all the ones whom we take in our wings of compassion.

Help us in helping you put you back on your journey to peace, love and progress.

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