Sahaj Smriti Yog

(Yoga of Self Remembrance and Realization)


Meditation involves following steps

Sharing or Cleaning or Praying

Seeker should sit comfortably for meditation. Seeker should wilfully determine that one’s consciousness is nestled at one’s heart. Seeker should visualize that all that is impure in one’s consciousness is going out from seekers heart and, during this process of wilfully taking it out from heart, it is transforming into purity and spreading all around and settling wherever purity is needed in the creation. Do this till divine calmness begin to descend in your physical heart? It may take 2/3 minutes to 10/12 minutes time.

Divine Transmission

Transmission involves establishing connection with divinity and infusing divine essence in seeker’s hearts. Seeker sits in meditation along with the guide and receives it meditating i.e. keeping gentle focus on one’s heart with eyes gently closed.


It is invocation of awakening the divine relation in the hearts of two human beings that exists between two souls as part of one and only reality. Two meditative sitting with preceptor or guide are needed to invoke and awaken this real realisation.


Seeker should sit comfortably for meditation. Just look into the heart and give a supposition that divine energy is getting filled in the heart