Ignite Self

program designed to take you through an experiential journey of understanding self. Helping your mind to encourage self-transformation. Understand meditation in its deeper sense. Helps you to create a positive shift in the quality of life.

As an individual people have various identities in their different aspects of life. When people live their daily life, its quality is affected by their thoughts, words and actions. If they are not in unison experiencing peace will be difficult. Through this program we help people understand, what drives their thoughts, words and actions. Help people to bring in evenness in them.

This introduces people to the need of Saadhana (practice). It is popularly perceived that saadhnaa is an act of propitiating some higher entity to the exclusion of all other mundane affairs. Practically and basically saadhana is a name given to heart driven balanced efforts of any individual who is engaged in seeking meaning and trying to understand purpose of life.

We human beings have innate urge (original craving) to go beyond our social self. And, way to cross over beyond our social self (beyond doubt) goes through meditation that helps in self realization.

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