To bring mind in balanced state of inner tranquility


To bring Self Confidence


Helps in Evolution and Expansion of Soul

A Meditation of Self Remembrance and Realisation

Meditation is realizing union of human with divine, union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness.Reality or Divinity is all pervasive. It is present within limits of time and space and beyond it too. Human Being gripped by ignorance finds itself limited by material concepts and conceptions. But once it leaves contours of time and space behind, its limitations are also left behind. This experience is possible during meditation.

Sahaj Smriti Yog is a process or journey of identifying oneself with Universal Self. Practicing it leads oneself towards Self Remembrance and Reality.

Biologists are exploring human body and discovering that it is an association of trillions of cells. This association is an unparalleled example of maintaining unity in diversity and also of the finest example of unfathomable processes of changes that may be accommodated in a unit in such a wonderfully coordinated manner.

Scientists and specialists have not reached to unanimity until now about the exact number of cells in a human body at a given moment . However, they agree that the number is voluminous and cooperation of free cells in this association is amazing. May be someday they discover more and human body’s True ‘relation’ with infinity becomes a universally accepted fact too.

Then only real value of environment may be realised, as spiritual ones realise it all the times across eons. Sometimes it takes time for Truth to be recognised as factual.

For example, it took about five hundred years for harbingers of scientific knowledge to acknowledge universally that it is not sun that revolves around earth; it in fact is other way round. But, the one who discovered it first was ridiculed for revealing the Truth.

Universe is an open source of Infinite or universal memory, open to be explored and attained during human life span by one and all, and becoming awake to this Reality ( smriti-labdha).

Every cell has the blue print of entire universe in its infiniteness of existence. Practice of Sahaj Smriti Yog opens up the seeker to interiorise this infiniteness or nothingness.

How to get started?


Two meditative sittings are needed to initiate; preferably on consecutive days.Later on individual meditative sittings may be taken when ever need is felt to do so.


Transmission is a process of receiving divine essence through the person whom we assume as guru or guide. This can be understood as planting the seed in one’s heart. This seed is then nourished by one’s efforts and practice along with constant guidance of guru.


Accumulated by inertia and doubt, a false veil has surfaced between one’s intelligence and wisdom. For intelligence to shine forth as wisdom once again, this veil must melt. This veil is constituted of impurities. Before going deep into meditation one wilfully visualizes that all impurities in one’s domain are transforming into purity and settling where ever the purity is required.


Sit in an easy posture and make efforts to focus on your heart, till it begins to happen effortlessly. Meditation is like waiting prayerfully and with gratitude. There is no specific or static prayer one needs to do, every individual may be distinctive prayer at different times. Prayer means turning into gratitude. Real waiting is beyond our efforts to do so. Like any collective universal welfare effort, Group meditation too helps oneself as well as others.

Write your experience

Observe yourself before and after meditation and note down your subtle experiences.

Guiding Principles

Do rise before sunrise

Do (Meditation) nothing at least for some time

Do (Physical exercise) something at least for some time

Do efforts to manifest (regulate) ‘order of priorities’ in every sphere of existence. Presence of acceptance and, absence of expectance brings clarity in manifesting reality.

Do your work and interpersonal behaviour with transparency and accountability(speech/action/mind). Roll in goodness always, that is remaining open for doing all that to others, which you do to yourself (action/speech/mind). While seeking at heart, keep observing yourself incessantly so as to help yourself in cleaning your character (heart) till it becomes pure love (mind/speech/action)

Pause before sleep to reminisce as well as to resolve for your further progress towards reality. Assume 24 hours scale as basic unit to usher in changes in you. Follow yourself till your consciousness becomes one with eternal moment, when this happens, peace begins to follow you and you keep piercing into moment and moment into you.

We welcome all, residing on earth, to walk in unison with us.

Practicing of etiquette leads to realizing union with grace. Any true devotee with (ujjwal/dhawal charitra) pious character can be guru, in case you still need one; before that walks in your life that self from within or without.

What has been revealed itself blissfully and has come in mind-zone (Time and Space) that has to give ‘way’ blissfully to no-mind zone.

Beginning means coming in to mind-zone. So, every beginning has an end in another beginning. Etiquette helps us in recognizing and realizing that how to begin, to recognize and realize unbegun.